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This is our pet friendly pet policy for pet parents like you.

1. Pets that can join you at MharoKhet: Dogs, Cats, and Birds (only animals that are legally permitted and do not feature in the list of animals that cannot be kept as pets)

2. A “pet” is defined as a common household domesticated animal such as a dog, cat, or bird that is traditionally kept in the home for companionship, and not for any commercial purposes. This DOES NOT include exotic animals and wild animals.

3. The pet owner must be present during their visit to our fields.

4. Not more than 1 pet per accompanying adult will be allowed at our fields. Further, only on approval from MharoKhet should a pet be brought to our fields.

5. The pet owner has to inform us whilst making their reservations, if they will be bringing a pet along and suitable details about the pet:
a. Pet is a Dog / Cat / Bird
b. Age & Gender
c. Breed of the pet
d. Any other information

6. There is no additional payment for bringing along a pet as permissible in the policy, unless the pet causes any damage. In that case, the pet owner shall be charged on the discretion of MharoKhet management a suitable penalty amount as it deems fit.

7. In general, only pets weighing less than 45 kg will be permitted.

8. The pet needs to be house-trained, groomed, healthy, and free from ticks and fleas. The pet should be leashed, or in a carrier at all times when at the fields and shall never be left unattended at any time. The pet owner shall be responsible for the disposal of any litter or waste associated with their pet on our fields.

9. The pet is not permitted in non-pet designated areas such as kitchen, stores, greenhouse and toilets.

10. Guests are requested to refrain from using food served to them for feeding their animals. MharoKhet will not be providing any food for the guest’s pets. Should guests want to feed their pets, they should carry their food separately.

11. The pet owner shall take full responsibility and incur liability for any and all injuries inflicted by the pet, upon any person, be it an employee, other guests, a third party, or any other pet at the fields.

12. MharoKhet shall not be liable for any injury suffered by the pet while on the premises.

13. Neither MharoKhet or its employees will be responsible for the care of the pet.

14. MharoKhet management reserves its right to request the guest to leave from the fields, in the event of a violation of any of the conditions which the pet owner has agreed to, and signed acceptance for

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