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MharoKhet Farm Tour

Duration: 1.5 – 2 Hours

About Farm Tour

Our farm tours are entertaining and educational, we discuss the importance of sustainable farming and traditional knowledge of pest control & fertigation, the benefits and challenges of doing chemical less agriculture, and share best practices that we use in growing the native and exotic produce. There definitely will be an opportunity to harvest some fruits/vegetables during the tour as well :)

These are organized right after dawn and before dusk on weekends. We welcome nature, farming, food enthusiasts, or anybody who is curious to know more to join us on the farm tour.

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Culinary Trail

Things to carry

Comfortable Shoes


Sunscreen & Sunglasses


You will be in the fields of a working farm in the Thar desert, please dress accordingly and remember to wear comfortable shoes. The sun is usually always out and we recommend you bring a hat or sunglasses as needed. Winter mornings are a little chilly, so please come prepared with a jacket or blankets to keep you comfortable.



Flagship Experience


Dawn Tour – 7 AM to 8:15/8:45 AM (summer/winter)

Dusk Tour – 4 PM to 6 PM (only during winters)

Guests are requested to arrive the farm punctually, since the experience will begin on indicated times.

We are located about 25 kms/40 mins away from Jodhpur city, and could also arrange to & fro travel for you via our travel partners (at an additional cost).


Bookings to open on 1-Sep for experiences from 1-Oct

No charges for children below 5 years.

Prices mentioned are for set tours, please contact for bespoke experiences.

For further queries, please see our FAQ section or


Our online reservation system allows you to check availability, make reservations. If it is already full on the desired date, please write to us via the inquiry form under contact us.

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